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The Fuerza Nacionalista Azteca at the moment tries to present the great anahuaca legacy in Internet. But in a future not very distant, we dreamed about recovering ours deteriorated nation.  This 10 fundamental points, will be open the way for cultural, economic and territorial reconquer of Anáhuak:

1. The cultural reconquer in territories of Anahuak. This point is very important and difficult of all. Now the Mexican people sunk  in the ignorance,  because the educational system follows controlled by the Creoles. The Mexicans must know their past and glorious legacy. This way when confronting the truth with the ignorance, not only the self-esteem of the Mexicans changed, also changed the form in which they are seen they themselves and they questioned the place that occupies Mexico in the world.  This one objective will be carried out gradually beginning with forming small study groups. This gruoups educated another group, this  formed a new group of education as well.

2. Control the international sabotage and interferences (E.U., international Sionism, etc) in the Mexican goberment and state police. Into this one way we will be able to inform to the Mexican people about disadvantageous " Agreements " or " international Treaties " like the TLC.

3. Demand the immediatly end of the police brutality that kill  our chicanos brothers. As well as to end with the medieval practices that exist in the border patrol. Hourly our brothers who go in search of the " Amerikkkan Dream " are beaten and assassinated in the border.


Photo:  Police brutality in L.A.

4. Demand that the military service for the Chicanos in E.U. will be suppress, because our brothers do not have to die in irrational wars for a nation that does not protect them nor he deals them with equality.

5. After educating our people we  planted the first seed to obtain the IDEAL of true INDEPENDENCE and CULTURAL CONQUEST in Mexico. This ideal spread like esporas and grow up in the hearts of the Mexican people. When this target will be obtain, we had obtained the first pass  for it reconquers all the MEXICAN NATION.

FUNAAZ6. Demand RIGHT legal representation in the judged of a Chicanos or Méxicanos in the U.S. In addition to demand in the E.U. the creation of a jury compound exclusively of Chicanos, that live in the same religious, economic, geographic and historical conditions.  After this we obtain JUSTICE to our brothers.

7. Abolish the system imposed by the anglian-sajones-Jews to our people. We must end  with the Creole government and begin to govern us to we ourself, under the regime of the Calpulli and the Anahuak Federation, which is compiled by Ignacio Romerovargas Iturbide.

8. Expel all of the vendidos from the ideal, this people do not have  place in our Great Anahuak Nation. We must remember that our worse enemy are ourself.

9. Demand the return all of the  Archaeological treasures,  robbed by the invaders for 500 years.  This pieces was distributed between the anglo-sajon-jew nations.

10. Support the groups of Indigena Representation, they are fundamental for the future of our nation.

Finally when making all these points we will give to FULFILLMENT to the last Mandate of the huey tlahtohani Cuahtemoctzin.

... Nobody is as enslaved as that is created it frees without being it...
Xiuhcóatl (J.S.B)

It is really a pain and a shame that many (and probably  to say many it is little) Mexican are put under the creole bombing of Mass Media.  This cause the rejection to his anahuaca legacy. The traitors to our country, our nation, to our ideal, are many sold the Creoles. These ignorant people cling to the much or little white blood that they have to feel " superior ". Many of us we unfortunately have something of white blood in our blood but that does not strike targets to us. The Barbarian blood (European) in our veins, is product of violations, ultrajes, is ridiculous to think that it is product of the love. Many persons more colored people than I, dye the hair and use pupilentes and they cling with the nails to its European inheritance; He is ironic to think that if wants they can be called white or Creole, when its skin exposes them, is sad to know that they would have to go to Valle Simi in Mississipi to understand that they are not white, while they are incinerated by the KKK.

... Nor the deads can rest peacefully in a pressed country...
Fidel Castro (1926); Cuban politician.
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