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This one beautiful shield is not a flag of some party, nor represents a program or politic creed. Nor religious of no nature, he is simply traditional simbol,  that expresses the absolute sovereignty of the towns of Anáhuac that shines as the Sun Flag of Cuitlahuac hoisted the Night of the Victory (Stupidly called the Sad Night).  In the date of 1ro to the 2 of July of 1520, for that reason it called " Flag of the Victory ", this Mexicas brothers it is our TRUE, GLORIOUS and LEGITIMATE FLAG, not it what this in National Palace. Some organizations have used this glorious shield, for example  Mexica Eagle Society ,

The description of this glorious Flag is the following one:

Xoxouhqui, green blue or blue turquesa was simbol of the absolute sovereignty of the power, justice, of all the material elements, fisics sand morals, conjunction of thirteen skies, the colors of the universe and the elements that produce the human life represented by Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc, Earth gentlemen. Tlaltecuhtin, color that only could use the sovereign governors and not superditados them to others. It was the color of hueytlahtoani whose copil was of turquesas and the mantle and its flag were of the same color.

On the field of the sovereignty color xoxouhqui shines Tonatiuh, that that walks shining like the fire, the Sun, like divine maguey and of fire, it illuminates to the universe with his pencas of light, the gentleman who gives the life us.

In the center of the Sun to trasluz the figure augusta of the same one, or like in Teotihuacan in the called perron of Quetzalcohuatl in which we can contemplate to the same solar symbol with his pencas of light in which it is the Head of an animal that front seems ocelote of profile serpents, simbolos of the sun and the sovereign and dual divinity, or like in tenochtitlán in which represented sun this as a triumphant eagle, as they describe ignorante Durán father, J. Acosta and the codex to it Ramirez: " the eagle with the wings extended towards rays of the sun Taking the heat from him and the coolness in the morning and in the nails had a very galano of pens very appraised and shining bird ". Simultaneously the eagle was the solar shout of the war and the triumph " Atl Tlachinolli " water and fire " the sun and the ocean where that one shoot and disappears daily to give life to the inhabitants of Anahuac. The glifos corresponding to these symbols of the water, of the fire, in later generations when no longer they were understood were confused with a serpent, as for the thought náhuatl had been absurd, since, the serpent is the symbol of the divine wisdom and of the Earth it could not have by enemy the solar eagle, that stops the anahuacas ones was the one who fertilized it. First in incurring this absurd error as we have exposed it previously he was the translator of Alvarado Tezozomoc since this in the text nauhatl does not do it, but that says " place where they whistle the serpents " (they ihuan cohuatl izomocayan)

According to the tradition the eagle with the open wings was resting on a nopal that had appeared in a rock of the Copil heart, enemy of the Mexicans, from where the solar eagle reigned on despoliation of the won one. The three rocks symbolize the triple foundation of the Federation of the Valley of Mexico; Tenochtitlán, Tetzcoco and Tlacopan.



Compiled by: Group of Aztec Dance

 Ixnextli Tezcatlipoca 1998, Alotl

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