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Mexico-Tenochtitlan June, 1999
By the history of a nation or an individual men it is possible to be explained the behavior of the same one, as well as the nature of his end.

In the case of the U.S.A. its same génesis them frame like an artificial and skillful country, without cultural roots and with strong tendency to the gandallismo. It is not necessary to forget that their ancestors arrived from distant earth in search of gold, fortune and power.
They are people without antecestrales cultural roots and with a terrible anxiety of being able and dominion, which was pronounced in the form in that they undressed the indigenous groups, of which now includes that country, of its earth, their means of life and alienating them of its own culture, following with the rest of near towns and not so near. In this one territory they discriminated against which was not of their color, always congruentes with its quality to be elevated in which they are not: superior.

Since the anxiety of gold and power motivated to them to come to these indigenas earth, indeed this maintained to them and it has maintained in the growth and economic and political power to them. That is to say, they are the same image of that town that also continues adoring the " gold yearling calf ", and in the name of this diocesillo they snatch, they kill,  they agandallan, they violate, they rape, they do violence to and they degrade to if same and everything what they touch.

Due to its genésis and trajectory, this one country became cancerous.  It is not possible to be gone against the laws of the nature, the Universe, of God, that mark the necessity of the respect, the harmony and the love, because the price is paid very expensive with the self-destruction, the pain, the human misery and in the end the total disappearance.

During its east life country I scorn the wisdom contained in those in those who persistence in finishing: the indigenas towns. When that in her is the salvation of the gringos; this wisdom have the importance and the necessity are contained to practice the ethical values, moral and spiritual for a good quality of life. But the machinery lay down to walk in opposite sense and no longer it they can (nor I believe that they want) stop and go that they fly to a precipice where it will be a very cruel end.

The U.S.A. has come being created to themselves a terrible Karma. Wars and more wars; deaths by arms and hunger in the world, are their "Sword of Damocles ".

As in everything they put his noses and they do it of police of the world, surely they will read these lines, reason why I do two observations to them:

1. There is time so that they make act of contricción, they consequently regret and they request misery of God. ( ja ja ja ja, is had to laugh heartily when reading this. It is most logical, because they already lost proportion of the spiritual values. But I fulfill alerting them)

2. As I am humble person and without monetary resources, I have neither typewriter, the less computer, so I will not be able to read any commentary that was happened to them to do; keep them.

Mexicans protected with your traditions; let us maintain our distances, not falling in its games of violence and intolerancia (Alert with the T.V. programs). Attack with the arms by our indigenas roots: practicing the respect to all form of life, maintaining our traditional solidarity and tendencies to the service to the fellow; being tolerant and always acting with love to the good. They, the gringos, are not God. 

Maria Coín

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Xiuhcóatl (J.s.b)
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