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... we have kept a silence seemed to the stupidity...
Insurrectionary  Proclamation of the  Tuitiva Meeting, 1809
In the tragic date of 1519 the anglosajon-jew groups rushed in  the sea and they sank the teeth  in the throat to "Amerikkka ".   About another example more of its great stupidity this one primitive group thought that it was India or some other Asian island. (Sure this not this in text books. ).   the Spanish medieval minds, when finding to the great architects, engineers, philosophers, priests, craftsmen, astronomers who lived there and who had obtained great wonders without the influence of the culture and European cross was perplex and confused. This way they decided with armor and sotana " to civilize us " like the Spanish and to sink in its cultural delay and barbarism to us.
Spain acquires reality as nation raising swords whose grip drew one cross.

Of this one way to shots of arcabuz, blows of sword and blowings of plague advanced the implacable and little INVADERS of " Amérikkka ". The conquest extended, in swelling, as a furious tide.  The sword and the cross marched meetings in the invasion and despoliation colonial.

Exiled in their own earth, the condemned to the eternal exodus, the " natives " of " Latin Amérikkka " were pushed made the barren zones, mountains or the bottom of the poorest deserts, as the border of the invading extension extended.  In an ill delirium of greed and to be able the Barbarians they committed the genocido one of more than 60 million natives in less of a century.


                                   " As hungry pigs steel the gold "
Text náhuatl, Codice Florentino
From 1519 we have undergone the destruction of our cities, the execution of ours leaders, the genocide of our people, the robbery of our earth and perhaps the worse thing, the destruction of our culture and proud mexica history.
Many of our people and the rest of the world does not know that before the invasion of the nordic barbarism, the people of the Anahuac, already had constructed cities with remarkable perfection, developed sciences and many other important things.
Our Cultures had obtained all these profits long before which Rome and Athens had been based. This people created and developed colossal advances in the arts (for example in the Architecture, painting, sculpture etc.) and sciences (like the medicine, politic, etc.).

The history, written by the European shows to us " civilized and cultured " Spaniards, who traian great " military advances " like the polvora and the armors. Thinking that this is truth, the savages advanced in their barbarism, its ignorance, its savagery. The reason of these military advances is that the wild Nordics looked for the best way to destroy themselves mutually to exert I title of " supreme savage ".  Who was the savage, the ignorant?
The Anahuac people  never looked for the death of their opponents in battle, the war was a ritual. Let us remember the Flowery Wars, in where the war was part of the ritual of the life and the death.

Our town was honorable, non cowardly, not savage like the European. While they burned their scientists, we study  medicines. While they developed castles (whose only intention was to defend savages of savages), we build structures and temples with matematic exactitude. While we look  to the sky to see the stars, the universe, they watched at a God that shield the genocide of our people.  While  we use  the cross to symbolize the cardinal points, they nailed to a man in it. While we dance in our celebrations and have our comunion with amaranth, they drank licor and violated women in the catholic orgys. While his king governed them with  absolute terror, our tlahtohani governed for the people, as its name indicates it were the " spokesman of the town ".  We look to the Universe understanding phenomena as the eclipse and the comets, while they made polvora and arcabuces. With these analogies it is easy to understand the great difference between our town extremely advanced and the savage Europeans.

Only the legitimate thing of these pirates is their great qualities, that unfortunately also inherited to us: treason, embuste, deceit, avarice, dirt, savagery.

¿What we received in exchange for the life of our grandparents, the silver, the gold, the natural wealth of our town?
We received the sótana, the cross, the sword, the lice, the plagues, the treason, the deceit, the destruction of our civilization, that tapeworm but of 4.000 years of existence, etc, etc

The destruction of our great culture has left to chained our people to the interests of the whites. Now our people live in a circulate vicious of autoperpretantes problems that they include: extreme poor, bad education, low personal esteem, crime, gangs, null indigena representation, and a complex of inferiodidad of the worse thing: the own hatred of a town.

We are forced to pay rent for a earth that robbed to our grandparents with fire and blood. We goberned for the children of the children of the children of the invaders.  Our people survive with works that degrade a human. We are forced to pay a food that we ourself  cultivated. This bastard whites  eat manjares of our earth and we only them breadcrumbs that throw of the table.  We are labeled with stupid European names: Hispanic, Latin, racially mixed, being that we are Mexicas legitimos, product of Genetic Natural Evolution.

This history of 500 years of injustice and ignorance must stop.  Its a crime to continue with this ignorance imposed to our people by usurping Creoles. We cannot continue with this personal hatred programmed that is in a modern slavery. This imposed ignorance is an uncivilized and genocida act for our people. We must break our white chains.  Finally our nation demand the position that corresponds to us in the world order.

                   ... he is better to die of foot than to live on knees...
                                            Emiliano Zapata (1883-1919); Mexican revolutionary.
Finally  has arrived the moment, giving at the mandate of Cuauhtémoc for raising our powerful Anáhuak and to retake the way to our Mexicanoyotl.  Let us end the ideology of the mestization; the Mexicans we are not an indefinite race, we are Mexican legitimate, product of the natural genetic Evolution. A Race with earth  own, with own culture, roots, an own nation and a heart that today rises of the destruction, dispersion and the confusion.

Who deny the liberation of the Mexican Nation, they also deny our only possible Renaissance, and acquits the structures in use:

                 ... suffering it deserves respect, being put under is despicable...
                                                                                  Xiuhcóatl (JSB)

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